Fred White

This 427 cubic inch motor uses a DART SHP block bored 4.125 and plate honed for maximum performance. Mains are aligned honed and block is machined on CNC Mill for stroker crank. The 6.0 inch H-Beam rods and 4.0 inch stroke crank are both made of 4340 material. In addition to this stout bottom end, this engine has 220cc fully ported AFR aluminum heads and has an already tested 100hp Top Shot NOS kit installed. Be sure to watch the engine dyno video at the bottom of the page!

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  • $7,695.00

    Price is for pictured engine without dressup kit installed.

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    White Performance

    427 CI Stroker Engine

    Engine Specs

    Block - DART SHP Splayed Cap; BORE 4.125 Crank - 4340 4.000 STROKE
    Pistons - DIAMOND/MAHLE Rods - 4340 H-BEAM, 6.000
    Heads - 220cc/75cc AFR ALUMINUM HEADS Intake - SINGLE PLANE
    Carburetor - NOT INCLUDED Distributor - NOT INCLUDED
    Horsepower - 652 Runs on Premium Pump Gas(92 Octane)

    652hp SBC 427 Stroker Engine Dyno